What is screen printing

The technology consists in forcing the coloring matter onto the printed material through a stencil applied to the mesh.

The printing method is characterized by high quality of image transfer on any material. The pattern is saturated, has a large thickness, is resistant to external influences, including weather conditions. In this article you can learn how we do custom screen printing in Dallas

Screen printing equipment for T-shirts

To print a picture on a T-shirt, you need:

  1. Choose a print layout.
  2. Create a finished stencil.
  3. Select equipment.

On what basis do employees of a T-shirt printing organization choose equipment? They study the wishes of customers about the size of the circulation and the purpose of the order.

Hand equipment

Hand printing is used when you need to create a small amount of clothing. These machines are cheaper than their semi-automatic and automatic counterparts.

A manual printing table is needed for silkscreen printing pictures on flat surfaces. It is equipped with a vacuum chamber and an aluminum worktop that is highly resistant to solvents. With it, you can carry out multi-color printing - the table is equipped with a system of micrometric postings.

Semi-automatic machines

It is called so because the manual feed of the material and the automatic output of the sheets to the dryer conveyor are involved. Machines of this type can be used for the production of different batches - large, medium and small.

If multi-color printing of a large circulation of flat products is required, it is necessary to use carousel machines that allow you to combine colors of different levels of complexity.

Multifunctional semi-automatic technology allows you to print on products of various shapes - not only on flat ones.

Automatic equipment

Carousels that are fully automated are the most attractive solution for clothing manufacturers with pictures, logos and photographs. With their help, you can significantly improve the production process. The work is very fast - just put the material, fix it, and then simply remove it as soon as the process of applying the logo is completed.

Video about screen printing on T-shirts.

Advantages of silk screen printing over thermal transfer

The technology is used to create uniforms for employees, decorate holidays, and provide functional gifts.

The popularity is due to a number of advantages of silk-screen printing:

  1. Direct screen printing is the only way to print on T-shirts and other clothing that uses a huge variety of inks. Due to this, you can get rich, detailed images that will complement things and make them original.
  2. During the transfer of the picture to the fabric, not only ordinary dyes are used, but also with various special effects. For example, shiny or those that imitate velvet.
  3. In the process of work, you can adjust the thickness of the layers of paint, create a relief and three-dimensional pattern. Manipulations of this kind are suitable for modern times - people are not enough just a picture, so they ask to do something more interesting.
  4. Silk-screen printed T-shirts can be worn many, many times because the images are well tolerated by frequent washing. Symbol, photo or logo does not fade over time, does not lose color saturation. 
  5. The technology allows you to set affordable prices for the creation of attractive T-shirts. And it does not matter how many pieces you need to print. Therefore, people are happy to order 100 products.

How is screen printing done on clothes?

To get a high-quality ready-made T-shirt with a logo, inscription, photo, you need to go through several stages.

Initially, the picture is divided into colors in a graphics editor, and then photographic films are displayed. Next, employees create a stencil by using the exposure chamber - a dye is applied to its surface.

The second part of the work begins with the preparation of the fabric - it is laid on the work surface. Then a stencil and paint are lowered onto it. And all this is pressed with a special press so that the pattern is fixed.

If you want to make your own print on a T-shirt , please contact us. We will prepare a layout, make a blank, apply it to the fabric by silk-screen printing or thermal transfer.